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  • Carefully grown and picked, even more carefully combined, bearberry leaf, green gold coins, birch leaf and green nettle have joined their forces to help you reduce urinary tract discomforts.

    Every filter bag is in an aroma envelope thus preserving freshness. The drink has a distinctive herbal flavour, ready in only 10 minutes.

    Nature power is by your side – do not despair!

  • Wild thyme is a plant whose positive properties are almost countless, which is why it can be your best friend during colds. We believe that at least once you have found yourself in a situation where you could use a cup of thyme tea, and if we add to that that it smells and tastes great, we are sure that you will not make a mistake with your choice.

  • The pleasant aroma and beneficial properties of chamomile please everyone, and when we add honey, relaxation with great taste is guaranteed. Even the birds on the branches know that chamomile tea is best when it is warm, and what is better with warm tea made with delicious honey? From now on, you don’t have to worry about the lack of honey in the house, because this perfect combination of chamomile and honey comes in one tea bag, the aroma envelope preserves the flavour and smell.

  • The irresistible and well-recognizable winter smell of cinnamon is perfectly combined with the fruit taste of apple to make your winter days as pleasant as possible.

    Apple is rich with fruit acids and combined with cinnamon it makes the tea smells sweet so no additional sweetening is needed. The rich aroma will make your winter evenings more warm and pleasant. Every filter bag is packaged in an aroma envelope, a special foil that preserves the freshness and aroma.


    The pleasant fruity taste of apple with added cinnamon for cold winter days • Packaged in an aroma envelope

  • This tea is very popular among those who like to take care of their health. Cranberry pieces together with finely ground herbs and other fruit pieces are brought together in a ratio that makes an unforgettable aroma.

    The berry fruit content adds this tea’s fabulous sweet-sour aroma. The tea can be consumed warm or cooled, as a substitute for other drinks, suitable for recovering the loss of liquids. Every filter bag is packaged in an aroma envelope, a special foil that preserves the freshness and aroma.



    Can be prepared with warm and cold water • Packed in an aroma envelope

  • Only the chamomile pleasant scent has a relaxing and soothing effect, let alone the tea.

    Original raw material, without foreign admixtures, consists of ground golden yellow flowers.

    It is best to drink it warm when chamomile essential oils have the best effect on the organism. When you want to get relaxed, there is nothing better than a cup of chamomile tea.

    Chamomile tea has always been used for soothing stomach pain. It is also believed that it helps prevent insomnia, therefore is beneficial to be drunk in the evening hours to provide a good sleep.


    100% herbal tea made from chamomile flowers • Relaxing and sedative properties • Excellent when drunk warm

  • King among teas! This is a true fruit tea produced from rosehip and hibiscus flowers.

    Although it is widely consumed for breakfast, it can also be enjoyed throughout the day. Its popularity lies in its rich and pleasant fragrance and flavour and in its carmine red colour. Rosehip contains increased levels of vitamin C, thus is used in the prevention of winter diseases – for fighting cold and flu. Rosehip contains a certain amount of fruit sugar which gives the tea a sweet touch.


    100% herbal base • Rosehip contains an increased level of vitamin C

  • Nothing is so relaxing and soothing like the scent and flavour of mint leaves, which can be found in various drinks all around the world.

    This natural tea made from mint leaves is packed in the aroma envelope to prolong the freshness and aroma.

    Peppermint doesn’t contain caffeine therefore is a great drink to be taken in the evening before going to bed to have a tight and invigorating sleep or whenever you want to relax. Every filter bag is packed in an aroma envelope to prolong the freshness and aroma.

  • Due to its exceptional properties, green tea has been consumed and praised for more than 4000 years in China and Japan. Green tea today is one of the most popular ones in Western countries.

    Podravka Green tea is made of selected varieties of green tea.

    Green tea contains caffeine thus has a stimulating effect and can be used as a substitute for coffee.


    Long-established tradition, more than 4 thousand years • Real tea • To prepare at 60˚C

  • Blueberry flavoured tea is a homogenous mixture of chopped up herbal and fruit raw materials. It consists of fruit and herbs (hibiscus, apple, rose hip, elder and blueberry) enriched with aroma.

    For its pleasant fruity taste, this tea is appropriate for any occasion. Each filter bag is wrapped separately in special aroma wrapping that contains freshness and flavours. One cup of tea will immediately wake you up and bring you back to nature.

    Blueberry is considered to have a high content of antioxidants, which is why in folk medicine it is widely used to improve eye health and sight and heal cataracts, which has been confirmed over years by numerous researchers.


    Can be prepared with both warm and cold water • Packed in an aroma envelope

  • Forest Fruit tea has a recognizable taste of continental and Mediterranean fruit and it provides a sense of relaxation and refreshment.

    It contains a high proportion of apple fruit and rosehip which are rich in fruit acids therefore it is not necessary to additionally sweeten the tea. It can be drunk warm as tea or cold as a replacement for common non-alcoholic drinks. Every filter bag is packaged in an aroma envelope, a special foil that preserves the freshness and aroma.


    Mix of continental and Mediterranean fruits • To be prepared with cold and hot water • Packed in aroma wrappings

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